RRT BLOG: A global shift towards Responsible Recruitment

New legislation, international standards and growing industry action are driving businesses to consider whether workers in their supply chains are recruited ethically, professionally and responsibly. ResponsibleRecruitmentToolkit.org (RRT) and Clearview support businesses to embed responsible recruitment practices, measure their progress and demonstrate this to their clients.

Labour providers play a vital role in the economy, offerin”g an effective solution to sourcing workers. However, labour recruitment has been identified as one of the greatest human rights risk areas in supply chains[1] and global brands and industry bodies are increasingly focussing on the conditions faced by jobseekers throughout their recruitment journey[2]. Historically, unscrupulous labour providers have exploited workers to gain unfair competitive advantage against legitimate businesses operating responsibly. But the increasing global focus on responsible recruitment offers responsible businesses the opportunity to gain market advantage by demonstrating they can meet and exceeds standards. 

“Complex and opaque recruitment practices are common in many labour migration corridors, and this increases the risk of recruitment-related exploitation.” IHRB – Responsible Recruitment: Addressing Gaps in Protection for Migrant Workers

The Association of Labour Providers (ALP) has developed two ground-breaking and complementary initiatives to support businesses on their journey to responsible recruitment:

  • The Responsible Recruitment Toolkit, a practical online resource base to build businesses’ capacity and enable them to measure progress and,
  • Clearview, a certification scheme to independently verify labour provider’s efforts to recruit responsibly.

The Responsible Recruitment Toolkit has been developed to offer recruitment agencies, labour providers and direct recruitment teams, a one-stop tool for responsible recruitment, practical guidance and support. The full website will launch in Autumn and will provide a fully interactive toolkit, offering step-by-step guidance, practical training videos, downloadable resources and a series of flagship workshops and online webinars. RRT promotes a responsible recruitment business model whereby achieving commercial goals and ensuring a positive jobseeker experience are given equal importance.

Clearview is an independent, global certification scheme for labour recruiters and providers, which enables them to demonstrate through independent, expert verification that they are operating responsibly. The scheme covers all the sourcing, supply and management activities of labour recruiters and providers operating within or across borders. ALP is the scheme owner and NSF International – a global, not-for-profit certification body – is the scheme manager.

Momentum is rapidly growing for businesses to focus on the issue of responsible recruitment. Responsible Recruitment Toolkit and Clearview offer businesses the opportunity to work towards achieving globally recognised standards of responsible recruitment and to show this to their clients If you haven’t already, register now on the RRT website to access free practical resources, find out more about our upcoming workshops and be the first to find out when the full website goes live.

Interested in certification? Go to the Clearview website to find out more.

[1] For example, a recurring theme in the Global Slavery Index 2018 was the vulnerability caused by recruitment fees and the risk of debt-bondage this poses to workers: https://www.globalslaveryindex.org/

[2] For example, ILO’s Fair Recruitment Initiative, IHRB’s Leadership Group for Responsible Recruitment, the Consumer Goods Forum’s Forced Labour Industry Principles, and the British Retail Consortium’s Better Retail, Better World initiative.