Are you a farm labor contractor (FLC), labor recruiter or part of an in-house recruitment team?

Our RRT online tool and online training will support you in delivering great satisfaction for workers and clients. Our resources will show you how to differentiate your business in the marketplace as a responsible recruiter.

Are you a grower,
buyer or retailer?

Support your supply chain partners by sharing RRT’s resources, including the online tool and online training. Your supply chain partners will build their capacity in responsible recruitment and be able to demonstrate and share their success and progress.


Specialized expert

A ‘full’ subscription to the RRT online tool provides access to specialized expert step-by-step guidance for US fresh produce FLCs, labor recruiters, or in-house recruitment teams to:

  • Identify legal requirements
  • Avoid potential pitfalls
  • Learn from real-life case studies
  • Use the self-assessment functionality to track progress and share achievements with clients.

Available in English and Spanish.

US fresh produce businesses can subscribe now to access a cost-free ‘full’ level subscriptions until March 31, 2024.*

See our flyer for more details.


Responsible Recruitment Workshops for US Fresh Produce

These participatory and action-planning-focused online trainings combine data-backed presentation, hands-on demonstration of the RRT online tool, peer-to-peer discussions, and small group exercises to explore the responsibilities and leading practices associated with responsible recruitment in US fresh produce labor supply chains.

US fresh produce businesses can book places on these trainings cost-free until March 31, 2024*.


US fresh produce businesses face an ongoing challenge of recruiting enough workers to meet harvesting needs to satisfy consumer demand. Workers recruited through the H-2A program are increasingly important to US businesses, however, cross-border recruitment can add complexity and risk to both workers and business.

Already used globally, the Responsible Recruitment Toolkit (RRT) can help your business implement, demonstrate and oversee ethical and professional farmworker recruitment and management.


Responsible Recruitment Toolkit is a global program driving ethical and professional recruitment and labor supply that is good for workers, recruiters, and clients.

Stronger Together US is a multi-stakeholder collaborative program that supports the US fresh produce sector to recognize and reward responsible recruitment, thereby boosting the supply of ethically sourced labor and reducing risks for workers and businesses across the labor supply chain. The US program was launched in April 2019 with support from The Walmart Foundation.

Contact us at info@responsiblerecruitmenttoolkit.org

*Terms and conditions apply – see here.

*Eligible businesses include farm labor contractors, labor recruiters, growers, vendors, shippers, packers, brands, and retailers based in, and operating within, the United States (US) fresh produce or wine grapes sector.

*Offer available until March 31, 2024.

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