PRESS RELEASE: Responsible Recruitment Tool Launched for US Fresh Produce Businesses

July 23, 2020 – Today, the Stronger Together US Responsible Recruitment Program launches an unparalleled online tool to support US fresh produce farm labor contractors, labor recruiters and growers to achieve and be recognized for responsible recruitment.

US fresh produce businesses face an ongoing challenge of recruiting enough workers to meet harvesting needs to satisfy consumer demand. Workers recruited through the H-2A program are increasingly important to US businesses, however, cross-border recruitment can add complexity and risk to both workers and business.

Already used globally, the Responsible Recruitment Toolkit (RRT) online tool helps recruiters build resilience to these challenges through ethical and professional recruitment and labor management practices. By subscribing to the tool, recruiters can access practical responsible recruitment guidance and use the self-assessment functionality to track their progress and share achievements with clients. Specialized guidance is now available on the tool for US fresh produce in both English and Spanish.

Stronger Together US is offering cost free 1-year subscriptions to the RRT online tool for US-based recruiters operating in fresh produce. The offer, supported by funding from the Walmart Foundation, opens today and is available until January 31, 2021.

“At RRT, we believe good work starts with responsible recruitment. Our online tool supports recruiters to deliver great satisfaction to clients and workers through responsible recruitment,’ explains Hannah Newcomb, Managing Director of the global RRT program.

US fresh produce businesses are invited to join a short launch webinar featuring a live demonstration to find out how RRT can support them to implement, demonstrate and/or oversee responsible recruitment in their operations and supply chain:

For more information:

Stronger Together US was launched in April 2019 following funding from Walmart Foundation.