Account Subscription Fees

One year subscription fees (excl. VAT) – dependent on annual turnover Free Account Single Account
Single Account 25% Discount Single Account 33% Discount Multi Account
Multi Account 25% Discount Multi Account 33% Discount
Under £1 million £0 £225 £169 £151 £675 £506 £452
£1-4 million £295 £221 £198 £885 £664 £593
£4-25 million £545 £409 £365 £1,595 £1,196 £1,069
£25-250 million £795 £596 £533 £2,385 £1,789 £1,598
Over £250 million £995 £746 £667 £2,985 £2,239 £2,000

Account Benefits

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Free Account Single Account Multi Account
View summary information across 27 standards of responsible recruitment      
Download Template Responsible Recruitment Code of Practice      
Download Eliminating Recruitment and Employment Fees Guide      
Download ‘Achieving Responsible Recruitment in Global Supply Chains’ Whitepaper      
Unlock detailed step-by-step, practical guidance across 27 responsible recruitment standards    
Download a range of resources, including template policies and procedures    
Self-assess, track and review your progress    
Receive discounts on RRT workshops    
Receive new and updated guidance and resources    
Create up to 10 Sub Accounts to track & compare progress across sites or units  


25% discount on subscription fees and discounted prices on RRT workshops is available to:

  • RRT Sponsors’ supply chain partners (use discount code FS19)
  • ALP members (use discount code ALP19)
  • Clearview Scheme Applicants at audit body pre-certification audit planning stage (use discount code CV19)

33% discount on subscription fees is available to:

  • RRT Sponsors’ supply chain partners who are also ALP members (use discount code FSALP19).

Other account types

Multi Accounts provide up to 10 Sub Accounts for different subsidiaries, business units or functions within the same legal entity. Please contact us for a bespoke quote for more than 10 Sub Accounts.

Brands/retailers and membership organisations (subject to approval) are invited to become RRT Sponsors. Please contact us to discuss further.

Consultancies, NGOs/charities, trade associations, trade unions, non-legal entities, academic institutions and similar organisations are invited to register for free to RRT. Such organisations require a partnership agreement with RRT in order to be able to subscribe. Please contact us to discuss further.