PRESS RELEASE: Responsible Recruitment Toolkit launches pioneering one-stop, practical capacity building tool.

The globally pioneering Responsible Recruitment Toolkit (RRT) is now launched to support global brands and retailers to embed responsible recruitment practices in their supply chains.

Exploitation of workers during the recruitment process presents one of the greatest human rights risks in supply chains. New legislation, international standards and growing evidence and awareness are driving brands, retailers and businesses to assure that workers in their supply chains are recruited ethically, professionally and responsibly. At the UN General Assembly in September 2018, the governments of the UK, US, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand jointly agreed Principles for Tackling Modern Slavery in Supply Chains which included: “Governments should advance responsible recruitment policies and practices including by implementing polices that incentivise and support responsible practice”.

For the first time, experts have carefully mapped relevant international social compliance codes to define 27 responsible recruitment labour standards to cover all stages and elements of labour sourcing and supply and then to develop, a one-stop, practical capacity building tool for the whole supply chain to adopt and embed responsible recruitment practices.

Hannah Newcomb, Head of Responsible Recruitment Toolkit said, “We are excited to launch the toolkit. It’s an innovative solution supporting businesses to achieve their commercial recruitment goals whilst delivering an exceptional experience for jobseekers and workers. The responsible recruitment standards are best practice and they are achievable. Our four flagship training sessions and Responsible Recruitment Expert Consultants Network further support stakeholders and businesses at each stage of their responsible recruitment journey.” users can register for free on the intuitive online platform to access a range of template policies and summary guidance. Subscribers can upgrade to access the full range of detailed practical steps, guidance, resources and the innovative self-assessment and reporting function to enable them to provide a clear picture to their clients of their progress in implementing each standard. Early adopters also get further benefits including an extended subscription, discounts on training and an exclusive ask the expert session.

David Camp, Association of Labour Providers Chief Executive, said “The ALP has been at the forefront of responsible recruitment good practice in the UK since 2004. We have used this expertise to develop responsible recruitment standards for global supply chains and to build the Responsible Recruitment Toolkit to support recruiters, labour providers, their clients, brands and retailers to achieve these standards. In the years to come all recruiters in supply chains will need to demonstrate that they are recruiting responsibly. We believe that good work starts with responsible recruitment and the time to start this is now.”

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