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NEWS: Countries in Asia commit to ethical recruitment

The Columbo Process which brought together 12 Member States and 8 Observer Countries, delivered the ‘Kathmandu Declaration’ in December of last year. This Asian regional agreement sees members commit to fostering ethical recruitment, in particular, the declaration commits those 12 countries to ensure no recruitment cost to migrant workers – a major step in the… Read more »

NEWS: Fair recruitment is vital to end forced labour by 2030

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has published a report reviewing the policies and programmes in place globally in order to achieve Target 8.7 of the Sustainable Development Goals to end forced labour by 2030. The detailed report focuses on the strategic framework for addressing forced labour – prevention, protection, remedy and enforcement and fair recruitment… Read more »

NEWS: M&S Responsible Recruitment week

In February, M&S focused an entire week on the importance of employing responsible recruitment. The week included a series of events and activities with suppliers to build understanding of best practices, to share challenges, and to strengthen working to accelerate responsible recruitment throughout supply chains both in the UK and internationally. M&S also announced they… Read more »

PRESS RELEASE: New expert guidance published on eliminating recruitment fees charged to workers

Second edition of the acclaimed, comprehensive and practical toolkit ‘Eliminating Recruitment and Employment Fees Charged to Workers’ now available for free download from  There is widespread agreement that the charging of recruitment fees to workers is exploitative with the UN-backed Alliance 8.7 stating that, “debt bondage, through the manipulation of debt by employers or… Read more »