What is the Online Tool

The Responsible Recruitment Toolkit is an unparalleled toolkit to help businesses understand, achieve and be recognized for responsible recruitment.

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Business Benefits


Founded in Stronger Together's 14 Organizational Standards, our guidance covers all areas and topics of ethical sourcing, aligned to international best practice and mapped to relevant ethical standards.


Stronger Together's 14 Organizational Standards cover the areas of responsible recruitment, fair work and freedom from exploitation.


Access your progress via our step-by-step checklist against each Organizational Standard as well as a management systems and due diligence framework.


Download multiple materials including policy templates, questionnaires and checklists that you can adapt to the needs of your business.


Discover specialized local information against each Organizational Standard for both the Mexican and Costa Rican agricultural sector includes legislative requirements, real cases and common pitfalls.

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Watch our demo to see how the guidance and functionality could help your business achieve and demonstrate responsible recruitment.

Due to grant funding Mexican and Costa Rican agri-businesses can currently benefit from a subsidized free 'full' annual subscription to this tool by registering before 31st March 2024.

Available Training

Capacity building training to support you and your supply chain partners to understand the responsibilities and best practice associated with responsible recruitment. Interactive and participatory, all attendees receive expert tools to support implementation following the training and a certificate of completion.

Demonstrate your commitment to responsible recruitment by publicly sharing evidence of your business’s good practice on Stronger Together’s platform.

Programme Partners

Stronger Together is working in the agricultural sector in Mexico and Costa Rica to support businesses to embed responsible recruitment and international employment practices, in their operations and supply chains. If you would like to find out more about our work and opportunities to collaborate, please contact infolatam@stronger2gether.org     This program is funded by a grant for Mexico and Costa Rica, so the subscription will be free* for 1 year for participating agricultural businesses considering one user per business. *Valid for subscriptions until March 31, 2024.

The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organization working at the intersection of business, agriculture, and forests to make responsible business the new normal. Stronger Together and Rainforest Alliance worked in partnership on a 2-year grant funded program to support farms and agricultural businesses to prevent, identify and take action on recruitment-related risks, to drive responsible recruitment and fair work to improve conditions for migrant workers, and to enable market access for avocado and berries farms in Mexico and pineapple and banana farms in Costa Rica.

Periplo is a collaborative project, led by Fundación Avina, that aims to contribute to the creation of a more equitable labor migration system in the agricultural supply chain in Mexico, and also between the United States and Mexico in order to protect the human rights of migrant agricultural workers. In this 2-year grant funded project, Stronger Together will deliver a range of activities to inform, support and motivate private sector growers in Mexican agriculture through activities including expert training, guidance, coaching sessions to understand the risks of unethical recruitment and forced labor in their operations and supply chain.