Labour Provider Social Compliance Audits assess UK labour providers’ compliance against any or all of the:

  • Gangmasters Licensing Standards
  • Agency Workers Regulations
  • Modern Slavery Act transparency in supply chains good practice

There are three types of Labour Provider Social Compliance Audits available:

1. Labour provider internal audit

2. Labour provider/user partnership audit

3. Independent/retailer requested audits

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Clearview is a global social compliance certification scheme developed to support labour recruiters and providers to demonstrate to existing and potential clients tat they operate responsibly, professionally, legally and ethically in their sourcing and supply of workers.

  • Applies to labour providers operating within or across borders and whether offering a sourcing and recruitment service and/or a labour supply and management solution.
  • Is sector neutral, globally applicable and contextualised to the country of operation
  • Offers users of labour providers, and the brands and retailers they supply, the independent means to demonstrate due diligence and protect brand reputation.