Clearview is a global responsible recruitment certification program for labor recruiters and providers

Why become certified?

Clearview enables labor providers, such as farm labor contractors (FLCs), to demonstrate to existing and potential clients that they operate responsibly, professionally, legally, and ethically in their sourcing and supply of workers.

Read about our US certified FLCs here.

It provides users of labor providers and the brands and retailers that buy their goods and services with an independent way of demonstrating due diligence.

Clearview is currently operational in the UK and US.

Labor Providers

Clearview certification supports your business to differentiate in the marketplace as a responsible recruiter. The independent audit can be shared with all clients helping to reduce audit duplication and cost.

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Audit bodies

Clearview certification follows a management systems methodology to deliver a consistent, global approach.

Auditors must be trained and based in the country where they will perform certification audits.

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How it works

You can choose the scope of your certification. This could be:

  • One labor client
  • A geographical region or sector
  • National certification

Labor providers and recruiters achieving the Performing or Leading level are awarded ‘Certified Status’ and referred to as Program Members. The Corrective Action Rectification Verification (CARV) process enables businesses to improve their rating prior to their final certification outcome.

Each audit is categorized into one of four outcomes:

The process


What is Clearview?

Clearview is a certification program which enables labor providers to demonstrate that they operate responsibly, professionally, legally and ethically in the sourcing and supply of workers.

What are the benefits of being Clearview certified?

Clearview certification demonstrates that a labor provider is operating responsibly and provides competitive advantage through market differentiation.

The program creates trust and increased transparency in labor supply chains and, as an independent audit that can be shared with many clients, it reduces audit duplication, thus saving time and cost.

Who owns and operates Clearview?

Clearview is an initiative of Stronger Together, an impact driven, not for profit organisation providing businesses with practical training, resources, business services and collaborative programmes in order to create a world where all workers are recruited responsibly and have fair work free from exploitation.

Who can apply for Clearview Certification?

Any business that supplies labor to another business.

How much does it cost?

Registration fee: There is a one-time registration fee of $115.00 for each labor provider to register with the program. On receipt of this fee, the labor provider will be confirmed as a ‘Program Registrant’ and issued a list of approved Audit Bodies through whom the audit can be commissioned as well as given access to the Clearview Technical Standards and Control Points. The registration fee is not binding, and a labor provider may withdraw from the program at any stage. However, monies paid are not refundable.

Each audit body will charge for the audit, renewal, expenses and any other costs incurred. These should be discussed directly with your chosen Audit Body.

Management fee: Once a labor provider is ready to move ahead with the certification process, they will pay the program management fee and become a formal ‘Certification Program Applicant’. On payment of the program management fee, they will access:

  • An induction call with the Clearview team
  • A suite of technical tutorial training videos guiding labor providers through the standards they will be audited against
  • Access to a Responsible Recruitment Toolkit Online Tool ‘Full-Free’ subscription to support in building capacity and self-assessing against the Clearview standards and relevant US legislation

The program requires a re-audit and submission by the audit body of a Certification report, appropriate to the scope of the business to be certified, within 12 months of the date of the previous certification to maintain certification validity. In the case of Program Members with Leading status, this period will be 18 months.

To get more details about the registration fee and certification costs for US-based businesses, please email:

How do I register and apply for Clearview?

Labor providers and audit bodies can register their interest in the program here. Clearview will then send the relevant documentation to complete an application to the program.

What is the application process for a labor provider and what’s required?

As a labor provider, you register with Clearview and, on receipt of payment, you are issued with a list of audit bodies to choose from. With your chosen audit body, you can begin the pre-audit planning. The audit body will guide you through this. The audit body will determine the number and type of sites to visit based on the information you supply. 

Upon applying, how long will the process take before I become Clearview certified?

This is dependent on the scheduling of the audit and addressing any non-compliances that arise. A follow-up visit may be required after the baseline audit is issued. In total, the certification process can take around six months.


The technical standards are mapped to existing and developing good practices including:
The IOM International Recruitment Integrity System (IRIS) code of conduct, the ILO Fair Recruitment initiative, the Institute of Business and Human Rights Dhaka Principles and Employer Pays Principle, the World Employment Confederation Code of Conduct, the ETI Base Code, the Ethical Charter on Responsible Labor Practices, and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Please refer questions on the technical standards and control points to

If you have any other questions that are not answered here or on our website, please use the Contact Us page.

How do I get a copy of the standards?

You can download an overview of the Clearview Technical Standards here.

The Clearview Control Points and detail of the compliance criteria are accessible for Program Registrants and Applicants on the Responsible Recruitment Toolkit Online Tool via Please note that these can only be accessed online.

I am a Labor User, can I benefit from Clearview?

Clearview is a certification program for labor providers and so as a labor user you cannot be certified as such but your involvement in the program would have the following benefits:

  • ‘Beyond Compliance’ program methodology drives continuous improvement in ethical and operational labor supply standards
  • Independent audit to certified standards provides due diligence to ensure brand protection, reduced exposure and potential liability
  • Independent audit to certified standards provides customer, investor and shareholder reassurance, confirming ethical treatment of contingent labor in the workplace
  • RRT provides a template ‘Responsible Recruitment Policy’ which is applicable to both labor providers/recruiters and their clients.

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As a Labor Provider what are my next steps?

Register interest – get in contact with Clearview on a no-fee, no obligation basis. Simply confirm contact details here. We will then get in touch to share further information and where relevant, an application form to initiate the registration process.