If your business is an RRT Sponsor supply chain partner* or ALP labour provider member it is eligible for the following benefits:

FREE Online Tool

FREE annual ‘Plus’ subscription on the RRT online tool (expires 25th February 2021).

TO ACCESS: If eligible, subscribe now and enter the Access Code provided by your Sponsor or the ALP**. If you are already registered just log in before clicking on the link to upgrade. 

As well as discounted on subscription upgrades once available.

Terms and conditions apply – see here.

FREE & Discounted Training

1.5 days*** FREE training places on the RRT ‘Introduction to Responsible Recruitment’ and/or Eliminating Worker-Paid Recruitment Fees’ training courses.

As well as discounts on additional RRT training.

TO ACCESS: If eligible, call +44 (0) 1276 919090 or email info@responsiblerecruitmenttoolkit.org to qualify.

Terms and conditions apply – see here.

*Supply chain partners include:

  1. Own-label goods for resale suppliers at any tier of Sponsors’ supply chain e.g. pack-houses, manufacturers, growers
  2. Goods and services not for resale direct (tier-one) Sponsors’ suppliers e.g. uniform manufacturers, cleaning contractors, distribution providers
  3. Labour providers supplying workers into suppliers in a) and b) – if applicable please pass on this information to your labour providers
  4. Sponsors’ own direct labour providers, e.g. into their own distribution and retail operations

**If eligible and you have not yet received the Access Code email info@responsiblerecruitmenttoolkit.org quoting which Sponsors you (or your clients) supply or your ALP membership number (as relevant).

***1.5 day training place equates to 1 place on a one-day (1) workshop and 1 place on a half-day (0.5) online training or 3 places on a half-day (0.5) training.

***The 1.5 day allocation includes any free training places already booked by individuals referencing the same business entity named during booking, i.e. if on-day (1) training has already been booked under this benefit, a half-day (0.5) is available.