About RRT

How can Responsible Recruitment improve your business?

There is increasing demand on businesses to prove that workers are being recruited responsibly. Embedding ethical and professional recruitment and labour supply practices can:

  1. Promote worker satisfaction and engagement
  2. Provide reassurance for clients, and
  3. Enable your business to continually improve performance.

What is the Responsible Recruitment Toolkit?

The Responsible Recruitment Toolkit (RRT) supports labour providers, employers and brands to embed ethical and professional recruitment and labour supply practices.

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  1. LEARN: Ensure you fully understand ethical recruitment and labour supply best practice through our online and face-to-face training
  2. IMPROVE: Access step-by-step guidance, download extensive resources, self-assess and share progress with clients using our interactive online tool
  3. GAIN RECOGNITION: Demonstrate your achievement to clients by undertaking an independent audit or achieving third-party certification.

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